Pepe Colombo

Pepe Colombo

Advisory Board Member

Pepe Colombo is head of Executive Coaching & Strategy Corp, dedicated to the development of executive capabilities among senior managers facing complex issues and responsibilities. Since the beginning of his practice he has been coaching senior executives of major corporations and independent entrepreneurs. During his career, he was particularly adept at, and took a keen interest in helping the development of individual and team capabilities. His successful career spans for over 40 years, moving to jobs of increasing responsibility at different multinational corporations, and in different Latin American markets, as well as at Executive Board level..

He started as an advertising executive with J. Walter Thompson and SSC&B-Lintas, moving on to positions in Marketing and Sales with Unilever, Austral Airlines and SmithKline-Beecham. Subsequently, and for another 11 years, he was General Manager of different business units in several Latin American countries (Caribbean, Colombia and Andean, and Argentina/Uruguay). The third period of about 12 years he was CEO for Latin America, and member of the Executive Board of two large multinationals, Cadbury-Schweppes plc and Diageo plc.

Pepe has a BS degree from the School of History and Literature from the Universidad del Salvador (Argentina Jesuit University).

He later pursued post graduate programs: Senior Management Program (London Business School); Industrial Psychology (Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies); Landegger Program on Business Diplomacy (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service); Senior Executive Program (MIT Sloan School of Management–SE’89); MIT Executive Program on Corporate Strategy; Store Wars Program (INSEAD); Strategic Leadership Program (Oxford University/Templeton College).

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