About Us

Our client list is purposely short. Our relationships deep.

We aim to provide the “single-family office experience” through a multi-family office.



BigSur was founded in 2007 at the request of the founders’ clients who were discouraged by the conflicts of interest inherent in banking platforms, which included excessive and non-transparent fee structures, a limited universe of investment products and solutions, and a transactional nature  for conducting business – ultimately, clients felt they were underserved. They were looking for a more personal and exclusive relationship, one founded upon unbiased advice, full customization and constant communication.



Established in 2007

Ever since our founding, we have enjoyed solid growth, attracting influential families and expert investment advisors in a controlled manner, always preserving the culture and service level that has made BigSur unique.

Private Investments

BigSur has invested in over 30 top-tier “direct investments” and co-investments across real estate, private equity, private debt and venture capital strategies. We invest alongside the leading institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and family offices around the world.

Intellectual Capital

Over the years, we have built a team of highly seasoned professionals who share in BigSur’s core values. We are proud of their distinguished professional and academic achievements, as well as the caliber of intellectual capital they offer our clients.

Global Presence

While Latin-America has always been our core, we are proud to serve clients from all over the world. Our specialty is managing complex, multi-jurisdictional relationships.

Our Mission

We exist to help our client-partners build, preserve, enjoy and transfer their wealth

To create and maintain strategic, long-term partnerships with our families across generations

To grow our established standard of excellence and become a leader in global multi-family office services

Our Philosophy

Pillars that embody BigSur’s nature and purpose:

Customized Service


Alignment of Client Interests


All-Encompassing, Comprehensive Approach

Our Clients

Our clients benefit from:

Multi-generational creation and transfer of wealth


Full access to a team of wealth management experts


Best-in-class research, asset managers and investment opportunities